Packing Rum Runners For Success - Do's and Don'ts

Here are actual video's taken by cruisers in their Staterooms on-board Cruise Ships. Notice how they packed their Cruise Runners for success. Pack only in your checked-in luggage.  Never pack in your carry-on.

Do not pack items like irons or electric fans! They will be easily detected in the x ray scanners and removed from your suitcases. Pack anything electrical in a separate suitcase or bag.  In the process of removing those items this couple (below) almost lost their Cruise Runners!! 

Yes, they really work! The Cruise Runners will save you hundreds of dollars on your next cruise... and because they are reusable the savings will follow you on future cruises or wherever else you go! 

Packing Instructions

Packing Instructions: Use funnel to fill your flasks 80% full. Squeeze out the remaining air from the flask and screw cap on tightly.  Only pack the flasks in checked luggage. Do not pack in carry-on. Pack anything electric in a separate suitcase. Conceal the flasks by storing in rolled up shorts, pants, shoes, towels or in a gallon baggie with your toiletries. Store in the middle of your suitcase, buried half way down.